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The WHS Class of 1979 has had five reunions: 5th, 10th, 15th, 25th and 30th!
Wilmington High Class of 1979 Reunion Committee thanks all of our 
fellow alumni who were are able to attend our last reunion (30th). 
Future events 
and 30th Year Reunion Photos ,
  Photos of our 25th Year Reunion or from Photos of previous Reunions.
HELP us find our old classmates if you know of the phone number and or address. 
And please visit our Lost Alumni  page to see if you can help us find them.
WHS 79 25th Year Reunion Class Photo
Click on photo to enlarge
All Class CONRAD Reunion
Will be held in APRIL of 2018.
Hockessin Memorial Hall
Contact: cmarro@comcast.net

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